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We focus on kHz-based magnetic resonance technology, and provide reliable wireless power transfer (WPT) solutions for industrial devices and consumer electronics, including UAVs, vacuum cleaner, laptops, and cellphones, etc.

We can be able to deliver the power by meeting four requirements simultaneously. They are,

· the power to be delivered, from several watts to kilo-level watts

· the transmitter-receiver airgap, from one inch (2.54cm) to more than ten inches

· reasonably small sizes of transmitter and receiver coils

· the sufficiently high DC-DC efficiency

Chushan Technology holds full membership of WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). Invested by well-known venture capitals, Chushan Technology envisions a safer and more convenient cordless world via our wireless charging innovation.

Turn-Key Solutions:

~20 Watts

~ 20 Watts

30~60 Watts


65~100 Watts

65~100 Watts

200~500 Watts

200~500 Watts


Up-to 2 kWatts